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Use our platform to engage your users with personalised content.

Achieve 40% higher retention.

Why Personalise?

Think about how a User will go looking for his/her preferred content on your Digital Platform. More the User is overwhelmed with irrelevant content, higher the chance you will lose his/her attention and interest to spend more time on your platform.
RecoSense makes it easy for your users to quickly find their choice of content across any category - Movies, News, Sports, Politics, Events etc and in any format - Videos, Text, Images, Ads and more to explore without changing their behaviour. It does not matter how much volumes of content you are adding daily or how big is your user base growing every day. RecoSense as a single platform can empower multiple end points on Web,Mobile, Set Top Box, Smart TVs.

What RecoSense offers?

Single Data repository with multi-platform data mining.

Automated Content mapping & Meta Data Intelligence

User behaviour Analysis & Content preference profiling

Personalisation & Recommendation


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Our platform offers seamless Integration with your data and configurable dashboard to customise the data output. Leverage our testing tool for various settings across Multiple Asset types, Categories and Users

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Increase in Sales

Increase of 31% in sales when using personalised web experiences

Higher Conversion

Personalised CTA's result in 42% higher conversion rate than generic CTA's

User Loyality

75% of consumers prefered to do business with brands that personalise experiences

User Willingness

1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium on personalised products/service