Millions of Videos to be managed on hundreds of partner channels in a Multi Channel Network (MCN) poses a strong technology challenge for our customer networks. RecoSense Youtube solution automates metadata intelligence for any volume of videos and offers smart actions to increase views, engagement and watch-time with better visibility of content from the channels within the network.

Channel Owners


Use our YouTube Solution for bulk update of Tags for all videos


Distribute videos across multiple platforms from a single dashboard


Publish automatically generated recommendation list of Videos as Cards for every video.

Multi Channel Network


Create smart playlists with automated generation of video lists from entire network.


Publish automatically generated recommendation list of videos as Cards for every video.


Achieve higher views for your own content within the network with playlists and cards for every video.


Identify Channel Partners to be added to your network.

Technology Head


Custom feature development on our platforms


Admin for Content Management


Analytics Dashboard with Multi-CMS data aggregation.


Video Content monitoring across multiple social media platforms.