Our vision is to “Let the Content follow the Users” with effortless personalisation.

We wish to enable the most human intuitive discovery of the content for our end users and help them take actions with all the relevant data for their decision to act. We believe we can achieve this vision by helping our customers, who serve millions of users with their content, with our technology platform for intelligent data automation & scaling.Our customers will be able to better serve their users with profound understanding of User preferences and context of the content without intruding the Users actions.

Our key value addition is to achieve stronger User Engagement, Watchtime, Loyalty and Participation from end users in our customer’s content platforms which will result in higher number of actions, conversions, subscriptions and revenues.

With the growth of telecom infrastructure for mobile broadband across the world including emerging countries like India, Brazil, South East Asia, the stage is set for a big leap in number of digital media content users and their hunger for their preferred content across multiple categories of content in multiple formats of Videos, Text, Audio, Images, Ads etc.We have a goal to serve 500 Million Users through our customers across the globe by 2020. We are well on our way to achieve this target.