ContentTrail - A WordPress Plugin


Our powerful algorithm uses Natural language processing and Artificial intelligence to understand the semantics of every post on any publisher's site which gets automatically collated by our plugin.

We identify places, people, organisations, etc mentioned in the post and use our content profiling capabilities to generate categories around the post. Through this highly structured metadata, we find other posts that are similar and suggest them.

We can also personalise content for every user based on his preferences such as favourite genres, personalities, etc. We can generate bands such as trending content, popular content, specific content around politics/sports (Yes, our algorithm can identify what the content is about).

Our recommendation algorithm is language agnostic. We can understand content in any language to recommend related content in the same language or across languages.


Here are the steps:

1. Download the plugin

2. Extract the zipped folder.

3. Paste in wp-content/plugins directory of WordPress

4. Go to Plugin Menu in WordPress admin

5. Activate the ContentTrail plugin

6. You will find a separate menu option "ContentTrail"

7. Click on that and provide email id where a key will be send.

8. Copy that key from provided email and paste it to "ContentTrail Settings" page.

9. Click on verify, once verified you are ready to go.

10. Click on "configure your widget" link and follow the steps.

11. Now goto Appearance->widget. There you will find three widgets. "ContentTrail Recommendation", "ContentTrail Personalisation", "ContentTrail Trending".

12. Place each widget on your required page, like sidebars.

13. Wait for 10 minutes to process the thing for you.

Widget Screenshot