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Personalize your user experiences with a scalable SEARCH and intelligent DISCOVERY platform.

We help your viewers find what they want and what they crave for.

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Problems that RecoSense is helping Publishers solve

High Bounce Rate

RecoSense platform personlizes Home Page and Vertical Pages

Sub-Optimal Consumption

RecoSense platform recommend users with Context Sensitive Content

Ineffective Content Discovery

RecoSense platform recommend personalized search depending on user interests, context etc.

Inadequate Repeat Usage

RecoSense platform delivers customised
Newsletters, Push-Notifications to each user

Content & Pages are Not Optimised

RecoSense platform automates Cataloging
and generates Meta Data helping
users & search engines

Sub-Optimal Monetization

RecoSense platform personalizes Ads
to each user inturn increasing
the chances of Ad being clicked.

Impact of RecoSense

Reduced Bounce Rate

Increase page & content view

Increased Life Time Value

Increased Revenue

Increased Repeat Usage

Product features that Publishers are amazed at

Personalized Content

Show highly personalized content across
Home Page and other Vertical Pages

Semantic Search

Powerful search understands user
intent and provide results

Personalized Ads

Ads are personalised based on user preferences

Support Multiple Non English languages

Functionalities work for content of any language
- French, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, etc.