Self Learning Intelligence to process your Content

RecoSense platform is built on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to adopt to content from multiple domains. Our custom built middleware will preprocess our customer data to enhance it with our automated intelligence.


Our advanced data classification features achieves sophisticated product category correlation matrix to eCommerce portals. Reach out to us for a demo of our platform on how we can enable automated product suggestions, effortless discovery and personalised purchase experiences for end users on eCommerce portal.

Streaming Platforms

With the growing video content across multiple categories like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, Events, etc., Content owners and streaming platforms needs data intelligence to personalise the content based on user behaviour.
Given the volume and frequency of the content to be updated, our advanced recommendation framework saves significant manual efforts by dynamically auto computing content to user co-relation.

Publisher Networks

Online networks with News content, Entertainment magazines, Auto reviews to booking transaction portals have distributed content in multiple digital properties. User density tends to be concentrated in few properties.
RecoSense platform aides the end users with effortless discovery of content on multiple properties in our customer network. This helps better user circulation within the customer network.

Brands & Ad networks

Video Marketing cloud from RecoSense enables Brand Managers, Digital Marketing Heads and Ad Networks to design an ad campaign with pre-launch intelligence to post-launch monitoring.
Our solution helps the campaign to reach qualified target audience and fetches Brand relevant data from multiple sources for marketing intelligence.

Travel Portals

Explore how our platform can help online travel portals to personalise travel experiences to their end users. Data intelligences as a critical factor to enable strong conversions to transactions.
RecoSense platform tracks multiple data points on user behaviour, travel preferences and collective user inputs from both on & off the customer portals to provide a decision support tool to end-users.

YouTube Networks

Millions of Videos to be managed on hundreds of partner channels in a Multi Channel Network (MCN) poses a strong technology challenge for our customer networks.
RecoSense Youtube solution automates metadata intelligence for any volume of videos and offers smart actions to increase views, engagement and watch-time with better visibility of content from the channels within the network.