Our advanced data classification features achieves sophisticated product category correlation matrix to eCommerce portals. Reach out to us for a demo of our platform on how we can enable automated product suggestions, effortless discovery and personalised purchase experiences for end users on eCommerce portal. We work with our customers as Data Engineering partners to save them the cost, time and efforts for them to build an internal team of data scientists.

Data intelligence is not restricted to large eCommerce players. We simplify and enable niche product sellers, SMBs, Digital Goods Sellers, growing domain focused online commerce portals to harvest and personalise the purchase experience for their customers. RecoSense saves our customers from the efforts, time, cost of building and managing any data engineering teams internally. We ensure that our customers are focused on their products, ,operations and business. Our platform simply builds an loyal engagement experience for end users.

Product Manager


RecoSense platforms provides advanced intelligence to correlate Product Categories, Products, Accessories from the end User point of view.


Analyses User responses, User transaction behaviour to personalise the product suggestions across categories for easy decision making of the end user.


User profiling and sensitivity to multiple parameters like Product preferences, Lifestyle preferences, Pricing sensitivity, Purchase Action process from info-hungry, Review influencers to time probability as per the calendar years.


Product Managers can leverage multiple intelligences from RecoSense platform to strengthen their eCommerce User experience.

Analytics & Marketing


Our Analytics dashboard offers profound insight on consumption behaviour around product categories and to target qualified audiences for product promotions.


Decision Support Models for Marketing Critical Estimations & Predictions.