With the growing video content across multiple categories like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, Events, etc., Content owners and streaming platforms needs data intelligence to personalise the content based on user behaviour. Given the volume and frequency of the content to be updated, our automated intelligence saves significant manual efforts in managing the content.
Our advanced recommendation framework dynamically auto computes co-relation for every content item and for every user at configurable frequency periods.

See how your users get hooked to your platform with automation from RecoSense.

Achieve records engagements level with your users. Increase your views watch-time and user actions to gain user loyalty & Subscriptions.

Digital Heads


Strong Content Utilization


Technology Automation for Metadata with reduced manual efforts


Higher Views and Content promotions.

Digital Marketers


Analytics on Content consumption & User Behavior


Dashboard for Business Insight


Content Promotion Platform


Target Audience Reach and User leads generation beyond the platform

Product Manager


Add innovative features


Content Management Admin


Data Points acquisition from multiple end points


Use RecoSense as a single backend platform across devices and end points.