Explore how our platform can help online travel portals to personalise travel experiences to their end users. Data intelligences as a critical factor to enable strong conversions to transactions, RecoSense platform tracks multiple data points on user behaviour, travel preferences and collective user inputs from both on & off the customer portals to provide a decision support tool to end-users.

Online Travel Experience caters to people with varied objectives of travel. It is critical to understand the context of the traveller’s aspirations and their needs. While the data about the locations, transportation means, accommodation and prices are available across many standard portals, a User is likely to build strong affinity to online travel experiences which truly personalises as a best guide to plan the travel.

Product Manager


Add capabilities to mine the meta-content about the travel places and about Users, User responses.


Auto-Interpret the Context of the User and process collective User inputs including from Social Media.


Knowledge Graph is a unique self-learning technology IP to understand the user travel choices.



Analytics on the data interpreted and about the user behaviour will help achieve higher conversions on actions from Users


Automatic clustering of the Users to identify the suitable promotions and packages.


Prediction Model for different data aspects on Location affinity, Season & Price sensitivity etc.



Industry data mining and decision support models for package designs, promotions, products for growth of user acquisitions.


Insight of impact from partners, products & revenue models.