The Future Is AI

Leverage artificial intelligence in your enterprise to harness the power of data for business growth.
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AI for eCommerce

Enable Better Product Discovery and Conversions on the Store with Automated Product Tags and AI Personalization.
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Become an AI-First Organisation

Augment all your traditional business operations with artificial intelligence to gain operational resilience.
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What we offer?

Unified Data Repository

We streamline the collection of data from multiple sources into a uniformly structured repository to extract meaningful insights.


Text Analytics for Content Intelligence

RecoSense offers an AI-based text analytics solution that uses advanced natural language processing to find insights into unstructured data.


AI-based Personalization

An AI-based personalization to categorize and extract customer insights to provide excellent customer experience & increase user engagement. Our platform uses AI to recommend exactly what you’re looking for.


Custom Solutions with Data Engineering

A wide range of custom data engineering solutions helps derive real-time analysis & insights by integrating and manipulating large data sets.