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Our mission is to pioneer Data Acquisition, Data Intelligence, Automate Impact led actions with Contextual Data Enrichment to enable insightful relationships across Enterprise Content, Products, Marketing and Customers.

About RecoSense

With an AI-first approach and strong expertise in AI frameworks, RecoSense is a one-stop partner for end-to-end Data Intelligence Solutions. Our industry-unique cognitive computing platform based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning frameworks offers Intelligent contextual interpretation of the Content & Users.

RecoSense provides AI Transformation Solutions for Unified Data Repository, 360-degree Customer view, Content Intelligence, AI Personalization, Text Analytics, Business Process Automation, and Advanced Analytics with Visualization.

Amith Srinivas

CEO, Founder

Dr.Vikram Kuriyan

Data Science Advisor

Adhi Kesarla, Investor

Ex Head of Finance- Google India

Janakiraman S

Cofounder & Ex CTO-MindTree

Why RecoSense?

Knowledge Graph as an IP

Topic Modelling, Context Mining & Ontology for domains with Digital Media content - Movies, TV Shows, Automotive, Games, Research Reports, Financial Products, Health reports, etc.


Scale Ready Technology Platform

Enterprise-grade platform serving 13+ Billion suggestions across 50+ Million users per months with global marquee brands.


Multi-language Compliant

Along with understanding different formats of content, the system is also multilingual and can work with both English and Non-English languages.


Contextual Learning of Metadata & Keywords

Ability to build context around any type of content and extract key entities with flexibility to train the model for industry specific data nuances.


Awards and Honors

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