5 fail-proof retail holiday marketing strategies to win big this season

The 2018 holiday season has begun and just like the previous years, this season presents massively lucrative opportunities to e-commerce marketers like you to capture new customers, increase cart sizes, maximize your sales and grow the business.    Holiday Season = Potential to make 30% more revenues Every year, and almost without fail, the months […]
Role of CDP in Marketing Automation

The Role of CDP in achieving Intelligent Marketing Automation

Many large companies and new startups, in recent times, have been extensively using the Customer Data Platform  (CDP) to meet their marketing requirements. Here is a brief overlook of what is the privilege enabled for marketers by using CDP for marketing automation? What are the takeaways for marketers from CDP? How it will be vital […]
How Omnichannel Personalization can Enhance Customer Experience

How Omnichannel Personalization can Enhance Customer Experience?

With advancing times, people are getting more and more connected in every sense. Thе result is that we are becoming a demanding audience to entertain when it comes to products and services we cheer for.   Thе progress within thе customers consciousness should make customer support, as well as marketers аnd salespeople, reconsider the waу […]
AI in Digital Shopping Cart Abandonment

Role of AI in Recovery of Digital Shopping Cart Abandonment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way eCommerce businesses operate. AI has improved several aspects of the industry, from lead generation to data collection. Customer-facing services are being transformed by machine learning algorithms concurrently. Presently, eCommerce merchants adopt several tactics like automated logistics, customer email syncing, smart sales predictions, etc., to integrate AI into their […]
How AI is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing in 2021

How AI is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital Marketing aims at maximizing business opportunities with potential customers. In recent years, a multitude of AI algorithms and methods are starting to be utilized in order to provide a good insight into the true interests of consumers. These methods not only analyze the current needs of customers but also predict their future requirements using […]
Why Hyper-personalization Matters

Marketing in the Digital Age: Why Hyper-personalization Matters

In today’s age of digitization, being in the business world, a smart marketing tactic you should be aware of is marketing personalization.   Often described as “personalized marketing at scale”, hyper-personalization acts as an integration medium for data analytics and online marketing. Businesses find both opportunities and challenges in this new atmosphere of personalized marketing.   As a consequence of personalization […]

Is Hyper-personalization Killing the Creative Process?

Nowadays, customers get targeted with multiple emails, text notifications, social media ads, etc., almost every day with offers and discounts of the products they have been aspiring for recently. Advertisers can now target customers like never before, thanks to data-driven insights. It is the very essence of hyper-personalization.  Hyper-personalization uses general user information as a preliminary step […]
Email marketing automation

Email Marketing is dead. How can Retailers cope?

Emails sent by marketers today have average open rates of 25% and clickthrough rates of 3%. These poor response rates can probably be attributed to the fact that the average number of promoted mails received by a consumer today stands at 121. The only reason emails are still used for marketing is because of the […]
user engagement-push notifications

Personalized Push Notification boosts User Engagement by 2X!

 Push Notifications are game-changer. It helps businesses to grab the attention of their prospects and it reminds their users that they have something to look forward to. When designed intelligently & creatively the retention is proved to be skyrocketed by up to 50%. Why should every business start marketing with Push Notifications?  “Becoming a leader in […]
Importance of Video Marketing to your Business

Importance of Video Marketing to your Business

Video marketing as a content marketing strategy is inevitable. As an online business if you aren’t doing video marketing you stand to lose and lose big. 2017 is going to be the year of video marketing. Over 55% of people watch video content online every day. 78% of people watch videos online every week. These […]
ecommerce personalization

Role of Personalisation in online shopping

Role of Personalisation in online shopping “Let’s go shopping” Nah. Who wants to step out in this congested traffic and go to a store with such limited and impersonal options? Few prefer the brick-and-mortar stores for shopping today. The tech-savvy world has shifted to online shopping, some time ago. Reasons are many. More options, ease […]
How critical is Personalization in optimizing Marketing ROI

How Critical is Personalization in Optimizing Marketing ROI

Every company in the market understands that there are 5 stages in User Journey. But, what they fail to understand is, how personalization can add value to their marketing in each of these stages. “Satisfying the needs of your customers is difficult”- Without personalization, satisfying customer needs is difficult as their expectations are diverse.    […]
E-commerce and Media companies are missing out on Content Personalization Strategy!

E-commerce and Media Companies are Missing out on Content Personalization Strategy! 

E-commerce and Media companies like Amazon and Netflix are the first to use content personalization. One can notice that Amazon has mastered the art of displaying personalized home pages to different customers. Netflix has mastered the art of delivering personalized content that is both contextual and adds value without appearing to surplus or self-serving. Content […]
Recommender system solutions

Solutions to the most common problems faced by Recommender systems

  Recommender systems across all domains (Media, Ecommerce, Online Travel) suggesting all kinds of content (Videos, Text articles, SKU’s of retail products, etc) face a standard set of issues: Cold start For a new user – the recommender system struggles to suggest the right content to him because it has no idea of what interests […]
personalization vs customization

Difference between Personalization and Customization

Today’s online users are not ready to accept ordinary and generic content and look for something that stands out in the crowd. Due to the over-crowded nature of the internet, marketers, and brands are challenged to produce content that is unique and specific to a particular audience. This is where personalization and customization features. The […]