Personalization in Travel

What If Travel Booking Sites Were Like Streaming Platform?

If you’ve ever wondered if travel booking sites, just like popular streaming platform, can provide AI-personalisation and recommendations, the answer is yes, they can. Travel sites can utilize AI-enabled big data and machine-learning algorithms to enhance their revenue and provide personalised recommendation to their travellers. They can consider data based on travellers in the following […]
Top Examples of AI in the Tourism Industry

Examples of How AI Is Used in the Travel Industry

In this modern era, access to Artificial Intelligence in the travel industry is quickly evolving to make the client experience enjoyable. It results in many tourists using AI-based travel applications from their mobile phones for instantly planning a holiday trip and involves activities like scheduling flights, booking hotels and planning the trip’s itinerary.   Further, […]
Benefits of the Use of Machine Learning and AI in the Travel Industry

How can the Travel Industry Leverage AI and ML for better Customer Experience

Technology in the present times has become indispensable and plays a vital part in the way we learn, work, shop, interact and even travel. Also, as travel is one of the quickly-growing industries, it remains greatly influenced by technology and Artificial Intelligence, to be more specific.    In addition, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in […]
Opportunities and Challenges that Travel Sector Face in Adopting AI

What are the Opportunities and Challenges that Travel Brands Face While AI Adoption

In modern times, Artificial Intelligence is evolving exponentially to become a dependable and lucrative business solution that every modern business is now embracing wholeheartedly. In particular, companies in the travel and tourism industry are leveraging the benefits of AI in tourism to perform a variety of managerial and client service tasks.  The capacity for Artificial […]
hyper Personalization: The new Trend of the Travel & Tourism sector

Hyper-Personalization: The new Trend of the Travel & Tourism sector

Tourism is one of the strongest drivers of global growth and development. The tourism and travel sector is experiencing a period of continuous progression and unprecedented advancement due to digital transformation.    This digital transformation in the industry has led to personalisation. People travel according to their interests and look for an experience as customised […]


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