video streaming

How Can Data Intelligence Help You?

With the decline in television as a viewing platform and the rise of mobile streaming platforms, content providers need to make dramatic changes to stay in the game, and this is where big data comes in. Many major players have been embracing Big data, and for a good reason. Let’s take a look at a […]
eCommerce personalization

How can Data Intelligence Help Brand Campaigns Better?

Are you getting the right returns on your brand marketing campaigns? It doesn’t matter whether you are using Facebook or Google to promote your services and improve brand loyalty, what only matters is that you do it right. With Facebook, for instance – while you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing, what […]
How optimized Data Orchestration Can Power Your Data

How optimized Data Orchestration can power your Data value?

Just like in a symphony where the conductor makes specific hand movements to cue all the instruments to be timed and aligned to produce a perfect piece of music, data orchestration is the process where siloed data is organized, transformed, and made available to the data analysis tools of a company to achieve data maturity. […]