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How can Agencies help their e-Commerce Customers with Personalization?

According to Accenture, in the last year, e-commerce companies lost $756 billion due to poor personalization. Implementing e-commerce personalization is no more an option. Customers expect you to recommend products and services to them based on their interests, past purchases, and other behavioral factors.   According to Gartner, personalization in e-commerce can help businesses increase their…
Personalization Tips for eCommerce to Boost Sales

5 personalization tips for small eCommerce businesses to boost sales

Personalization in eCommerce is vital in understanding customer journey, customer journey with a better 360-degree view of the customer. Let us see some important personalization tips for small eCommerce businesses.   E-Commerce personalization can go a milestone in building up a relationship with prospective buyers. It personalizes with every customer by giving them individualized offers,…
ecommerce personalization

Role of Personalisation in online shopping

Role of Personalisation in online shopping “Let’s go shopping” Nah. Who wants to step out in this congested traffic and go to a store with such limited and impersonal options? Few prefer the brick-and-mortar stores for shopping today. The tech-savvy world has shifted to online shopping, some time ago. Reasons are many. More options, ease…


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