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Be Future Ready by Leveraging RecoSense AI Solutions

Harness the power of AI with RecoSense to drive faster growth for your manufacturing business and stay ahead of the competition.

Scope of AI in Aviation & Manufacturing 

AI is a game-changer with the potential to drive transformation across the length and breadth of the manufacturing industry. AI-driven machines are paving an easier path for the future by providing many benefits. They offer new opportunities, enhance production efficiencies and bring machine interactions closer to human interactions.
In the context of manufacturing, AI use cases are centred mainly around the following technologies:

How RecoSense Can Help

RecoSense is a data engineering firm with an aim to empower all businesses with AI. It focuses on predictive analysis, natural language processing and computer vision to help derive innovation and growth.  ReconSense AI solutions can transform manufacturing businesses in the following ways:

Increase sales volume.
Improve cost savings .
Reduce production time
Data-driven production
Increase compliance with regulations and inspections
Improve manufacturing capabilities and supply chain management
Customise products as per user requirements
Improve quality control
Early detection of defects
Timely anomaly detection
Use of predictive maintenance to reduce downtime
Automation of workflows
Improve employee satisfaction

Use Cases​

Equipment Maintenance Auditing System

RecoSense’s Intelligent AI solutions automate the audit process by extracting and co-relating key entities and metrics. Auditors can work smarter by using a predictive model to grade various risks at a suitable scale.

Energy Management and Monitoring System

AI-based Energy Analytics Module acts as part of EMMS to track and monitor daily energy consumption. With proper insights, one can plan saving initiatives and reduce energy bills.

Centralised Data Intelligence Platform

RecoSense’s AI solutions help create a Uniform Data Repository for acquiring and processing data. It also helps to apply predictive modelling across data pipelines and access management.

Comparator Engine

RecoSense provides a data validation framework to compare large volumes of data with benchmarked values, historical data and third-party data. The comparison is beneficial to detect deviation, recognise patterns and measure the probability of future outcomes.

Analytics System

RecoSense AI solutions help automate and streamline repair activities, acquire device inputs, build insights and visualise end-use cases in custom dashboards with its deep analytics system. When data gathering becomes less labour intensive, data redundancies can be reduced. In addition, with more data on hand and AI-driven analytics, the workflow becomes easier to manage.

Alert Mechanism

The alert mechanism is another wonderful feature of AI. Anomaly detection helps determines deviations in real-time performance metrics. As such, responsible authorities can immediately act on the issue and correct the situation. AI also determines the variation in plans v/s actuality and recommends ideal solutions.

Predictive Modelling

AI uses data mining, probability, and statistical modelling to forecast specific outcomes. Forecasting in the manufacturing industry is mainly related to energy consumption, raw materials, machine costs, time and effort, probability, etc. Predictive modelling can effectively tackle pain points in manufacturing, improve operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Technologies Used

Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Data pipeline management
Data integration
Cognitive intelligences
Machine learning
Signal processing


Reduced operational cost
Reduced process time.
Reduced manual efforts
Low error rate
Increased consistency
Prevent revenue leakage

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