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RecoSense is a leading provider of AI-powered process automation solutions for the transportation and manufacturing industries.
Process automation is the need of the hour for businesses that want to grow at scale. RecoSense supports this journey by using its proprietary technologies to streamline operations. Increase your business processes' speed, quality and accuracy with RecoSense's process automation solution.
We use best-in-class technology to simplify complex business processes. More than 35 million monthly users use RecoSense to fuel their business growth. Request a Demo Now!


Anomaly detection is an essential business practice. It can help identify areas of error and fix the issues quickly before they go further downstream. However, manually detecting, ranking and grouping anomalies is a tedious task. It's difficult and expensive to scale manual detection to many metrics.
Additionally, the manpower requirement is enormous, and one cannot vouch for the accuracy of the process. Employing an automated anomaly detection solution can solve this problem.
RecoSense's process automation solution automates each step of the anomaly detection process: detection, ranking and grouping. This enables accurate analysis of large and complex data sets for real-time anomaly detection and alerting. It further provides the indicators of what's anomalous so you can completely understand your data.              

MRO stands for maintenance, repair and operations. These are the set of operations and activities associated with the upkeep of plants and machinery. MRO activities can lead to errors and high costs when not done as per schedule.
Automation streamlines the MRO process by sending automated alerts whenever scheduled maintenance occurs.  Hence, MRO automation improves efficiency, reduces cost and makes your business future-ready. Besides, AI and robotic tools can replace skilled labour to increase the pace of MRO activities.
Not only will organisations save costs on manpower recruitment and training, but they will also be able to handle large volumes of maintenance and repair activities effectively.
RecoSense will help you adopt process automation so you can leverage the power of technology to manage MRO activities efficiently and inexpensively, thus improving your ROI.

Accurate inventory forecasting is priceless for businesses, especially when demand and supply change rapidly. However, forecasting requires data analysis, industry experience and deep consumer insights. Technology makes all this possible.
While analysing a large volume of data is complex for humans, automation technology can do it in minutes. Automated forecasting uses historical sales data to predict trends for the future.
It also addresses the challenges of inventory forecasting, such as choosing the correct methods and the parameters for predicting.
Automation in inventory will enable you to track it in real-time, reduce errors and save time through efficient inventory management.
RecoSense uses machine learning (ML) to generate high-quality, accurate forecasts. It will also assist your business in streamlining inventory management operations, including stock count, order fulfilment, order purchase and shipping.



Automation continues to change the game in transportation. By leveraging technology, transportation organisations can optimise their resources and create greater efficiencies.
Process automation in transportation takes care of shipment scheduling and tracking, rate lookups, load capture, inventory management, order processing and tracking, freight management and much more.
For instance, extracting request data, retrieving load information and picking the best load and route happen automatically without programming.
Improve your customer experience, optimise operation metrics and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage with RecoSense's process automation solution for the transportation industry.


Heavy workflows characterise manufacturing industries. Automating manufacturing processes can take a huge load off manufacturers and their employees by enabling large-scale production within minimum manual efforts.
The benefits range from improved product quality, reduced manufacturing lead time, decreased cost and increased savings.
From procurement to order fulfilment, supply chain, customer service, production and operations, RecoSense's process automation solution streamlines the entire manufacturing process.
The technology will help you accurately forecast demand, manage inventory and identify anomalies at all stages of production. Not only will you have on-demand access to manufacturing data at all times, but also a single easy-to-use dashboard that centralises your entire business.


Reduces cost
Saves time
Increases productivity
Efficient business operations
Minimises errors
Standardises processes
Ensures compliance
Increases scalability
Improves customer experience 

Embrace RecoSense's digital business solutions and see your business transform

Our solutions help drive innovation at speed by removing all performance bottlenecks that hinder growth. So make your business resilient and ready for whatever the future has to offer. Contact us for more information

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