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Enable Intelligent Product discovery to help shoppers,
find what they want

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Problems that RecoSense is helping Retailers solve

Product Discovery is difficult

RecoSense platform personlizes merchandising on Home Page and Vertical Pages

Sub-Optimal Avg. Order Value

RecoSense platform recommends products to users based on context & their choices

Poor CTR on Search Results

RecoSense platform uses Semantic search to recommend products based on the context & interest of the user

Poor LTV or repeat purchase

RecoSense platform sends personalised
Promotional Emails & Push Notifications
to each user

Content & Pages are Not Optimised

RecoSense platform automates Cataloging
and generates Meta Data helping
users & search engines

One-size fits all offers

Custom offers are delivered to users based on context

Impact of RecoSense

Increase in Conversion

Increase in Order Value

Increase in Life Time Value

Increase in Revenue

Increase in Repeat Purchase

Product features that Retailers are amazed at

Intelligent Merchandising

Show highly personalized products across Home Page and other Category Pages

Dynamic Cross-Sells

RecoSense Engine recommends what product goes well, what else to maximize AOV

Smart Search

Powerful Search that understands user intent and provide results

Personalized Offers

Offers are personalized based
on user context and preferences

Related Recommendation

RecoSense engine has been trained to
recommend similar products based
on the brands, colors, etc.