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Our Speech to Text AI platform helps businesses experience natural language querying with speech inputs. This revolutionary tool uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to accurately process information. In addition to the NLP system, unique features like automatic summarization, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling provide businesses with accurate and comprehensive translations of any spoken language. Our Speech to Text & Translation has multilingual support, you can translate between any two languages in the world. Whether you're a business professional who needs to communicate with clients or colleagues around the globe, our platform is the best option.
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Benefits of Conversational AI
High-quality transcription

The AI platform transcribes audio into text with a high degree of accuracy. It can transcribe a variety of accents and languages. Translation can be done between any two languages, and the AI system can even translate text messages, documents, and handwritten copies with high accuracy.

Flexible deployment

Our Speech to Text platform is available for immediate use and can be easily deployed in any robust cloud environment or on-premises local system. The AI can work efficiently for any task, whether you need real-time translation and transcription on video calls or translation of text messages in chat platforms.

Customizable models

Add words to the library and tune the AI bot as per your requirement. With a little adjustment, the AI bot can accurately identify the custom words and translate them to the corresponding meaning with less human intervene


Benefits of AI in the Insurance Industry
The SpeechSense platform is designed to meet the requirements of major privacy and security standards, including SOC, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and ISO.
All logs can be accessed in the RecoSsense unified data center and can be deleted if necessary.
All logs can be accessed in the RecoSsense unified data center and can be deleted if necessary.
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Experience the difference that advanced AI-powered speech-to-text and translation systems
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How Enterprise Benefits from SpeechSense

Increased productivity


Saves time and money by automating the transcription & translation tasks and enabling employees to attend to more productive tasks.

Improved communication

Businesses can communicate more effectively with customers and employees who speak different languages.

Expanded reach

Enterprises can reach a wider audience by making their content available in multiple languages.

Enhanced customer service

Customer service can be improved by enabling customers to communicate in their preferred language.

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