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Telecommunication organizations are moving away from just offering connectivity for content consumption to becoming an end-to-end service provider to gain more customers. Since telecommunication organizations already have a customer base, offering personalized content becomes easier as they do not have to look for new customers from the ground up. Diversifying their business will allow them to offer a complete package -- connectivity and content -- for business growth. However, telecommunication must have exceptional machine learning capabilities to ensure they enhance customer experience.

RecoSense helps telecommunication companies with its machine learning expertise to streamline the entire process right from offering connectivity to content delivery. Telecommunication organizations can leverage RecoSense’s services to gain rich metadata, interesting insights, personalize content, and target users with first-party data. Outsourcing AI capabilities to vendors allow telecommunication companies to quickly scale their business without wasting time on planning, strategizing, and execution. RecoSense handles every requirement from the very beginning to ensure the entire process is flawless.

Use Cases

Automated metadata enrichment

Obtaining rich metadata is the most vital aspect for telecommunication organizations to offer a personalized experience to users. With automated rich metadata, companies can streamline the labeling of items during hosting and collecting in-depth information when users interact with products and services.

RecoSense’s natural language-based knowledge graph empowers telecom companies to automate the generation of rich metadata to reduce operational costs, eliminate manual work, and avoid error rates.

In-depth user profile with identity resolution

As the digital infrastructure is moving away from third-party cookies data, identity resolution has become crucial for organizations to implement machine learning techniques and identify users with precision.

Failing to associate an identity with anonymous data can lead to a business loss for telecommunication organizations. With RecoSense’s customer data platform, organizations can have a complete overview of users as well as the performance of campaigns.

PayTV - Auto playlist generation and personalized homepage

Since the operation of PayTV is widely limited due to remote controls, an automated playlist with a personalized home can increase customer satisfaction and boost engagement.

However, to take a step ahead, companies are enabling customized homepage for different users with RecoSense’s expertise in personalization with shared devices. Personalization is crucial for any telecommunication organization to expand its subscription base customers while retaining the current users.

AI personalization

Artificial intelligence personalization not only requires deep expertise in a wide range of techniques but also the ability to optimize it for production. Personalized models can enhance the user experience by recommending relevant items according to the needs.

However, personalization is not a one-time investment for companies as it has to be dynamic and monitored for its effectiveness. RecoSense, with its services, assists organizations in offering personalized experiences for their customers while ensuring the effectiveness of models throughout the lifecycle.

Content recommendation engine - Subscription plans

Different users be it the general public or businesses need to devise a package that caters to a specific group of customers. Understanding the customers and then recommending the best package automatically can provide a competitive edge in the market.

While creating a package is vital, pricing the solution is another strenuous job that companies can automate with RecoSense deep expertise in recommendation engines.

Ads network with FPD

Advertisement networks worked flawlessly with third-party cookies, but as browser providers are phasing out third-party cookies, telecommunication organizations have to make the most of the limited data collected from first-party data to target advertisements.

RecoSense’s capability to create ad networks that are equally effective as the current third-party cookies data networks allow companies to continue the growth of businesses with ease.

Semantic Search

Giving what users want automatically is powerful, but providing what customers are looking for while making an effort through text or voice search is paramount. Understanding users’ intent with the BERT-based model of RecoSense can allow telecommunication companies to quickly map items and deliver effective results.

Companies must ensure their content shows up in different but reliant search results. Failing to do so may lead to business loss due to a reduction in content performance.

Advanced Analytics - Content, user, subscription, business performance (Revenue), customer journey mapping

Augmenting business intelligence with artificial intelligence can give unique insights into user information as well as performance data for enabling decision making in real-time.

RecoSense provides advanced analytics while also integrating robotic process automation to effectively use data from different sources. Companies can obtain information like trigger content for subscriptions, the performance of advertising campaigns, user behavior, the reason for rising traffic, and other signals from social media.

Intelligence for Hyper-target Ads - User monetization, Retargeting, Ads network with FPD(first-party data):

The advertising landscape is changing due to increased privacy concerns among internet users. Today, organizations can only collect limited data due to various privacy rules.

Hyper-targeting requires an amalgamation of rich metadata, advanced analytics, personalization, first-party advertisement network, identity resolution, and recommendation to effectively advertise. RecoSense brings years of experience to understand customer demands and deploy end-to-end machine learning-based services to make hyper-targeting with advertisements possible.

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