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360 degree customer view

Since the evolution of inbound marketing, the customer-centric business operation has become a new common. In order to optimize the business operation whether its sales, marketing, or even services. It is critical to have a better understanding of customer needs to enhance customer engagement, customer loyalty, and customer retention. Having a “360-degree customer view” helps in acquiring customer data for optimized business operations.

What is a 360-degree customer view?

The 360-degree customer view is a single end-to-end picture of a customer’s journey as well as experience with a company. It stresses on customers having an experiential relationship with the company, rather than a transactional. This holds the key to long-standing customer loyalty and positive endorsements.

The 360-degree view enables the company to collect all-around information about the customer and leverage it to provide the most efficient and personalized customer service.

A statistical overview of a 360-degree customer view

  • 86% of Buyers Pay More for a Better Customer Experience
  • CRM Market is Expected to Reach $80 Billion by 2025
  • 90% of Marketers Believe a Unified Multi-Channel Customer View is Important
  • Only 20% Among them have a Customer View
  • Fewer than 10% of Companies have a 360-Customer View
  • Only 5% of those companies are able to Leverage its Power

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The 6 Essential Benefits of 360-Degree Customer View:

1)Single Source of Truth

Offering access to data and integrity is fundamental for your organization’s success as it provides a single source of truth concerning your customers.

2)Data-Driven Triggers

With the help of data-driven triggered events, organizations are able to interact with customers automatically in real-time to influence their buying decisions.

3)Accurate Reporting

It facilitates a consistent and accurate reporting of various activities and results.

4)Reduces Cost

Integrating a 360-Degree Customer View enables you to deal with your low-value customers in a different manner.

4)Cross-Channel Engagement

Simplifying the implementation of cross-channel campaigns across different systems yields relevant and consistent engagement among varying multiple-channels.

5)Personalization and Segmentation

Allowing dynamic personalization and segmentation of different campaigns by using a wide array of real-time behavioral attributes of the customers makes for more effective and relevant results.

Need for a better customer view

The business world has gone through a change over the years. Today, there is an additional focus on customer experience, one that was distant in the past. The customer-centric landscape has allowed the introduction of holistic strategies and concepts that reap maximum results. The more customer data we have the better-optimized customer experience we can provide and can lead to better customer journeys and the result is quantified revenue. we can draw a conclusion that 360-degree customer views requisite for better business operations.

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