Product Features

Auto Metadata Generation and Enrichment

  • Unique knowledge graph based metadata generation for structured content definition.
  • Auto-identification of categories, personalities, topics to power both personalization and search.
  • Build deep user-profiles and dynamically update based on actions.
  • Intelligent 3 tier mapping between the content and users.
  • Factoring invalid user actions and similarities between content types.

Personalized Search

  • Auto-correction and suggestion with customization.
  • Relevant suggestions based on user profiles.
  • Ranking results based on user interests.
  • Filtering options to discover relevant content.
  • Personalized suggestions in the case on 'No result' searches.
  • User-specific location-based language preference in search results.
  • A unique feature of in-depth user profile built from search.

User Insights and Analytics

  • Deep user insights and behavior analysis.
  • Popularity and collective user inputs.
  • Powerful analytics to understand search performance.
  • Comprehensive analytics on conversions and search behavior.
  • Compare trends between different timelines to measure improvement.

Tailor-made for OTT platforms

  • Cast and Crew, Movie / TV Show classifications, Series release dates are all factored in the results.
  • Deep intelligence to differentiate Content between Sports, Movies, Events, Categories / Genres.
  • Multi-language support for any forms of text, voice, and image-based search.
  • More advanced features in search for OTT platforms.

Marketing Automation Integration

  • Search results notification with personalized discovery for push notification or email campaigns.
  • In the case of "No Results" search response, the user can be notified whenever the platform launches the content to get the attention of the user.
  • Send notifications and emails to users about the launch of new products/content matching their search history.
  • Power any third-party tools with personalization inputs from RecoSense engine to make it more relevant.

Impact of SearchSense

Responsive search experience


Optimized conversion rate


Enhanced UX


Minimum no-result queries


Why Come To RecoSense?

  • Expertise working with several OTT platforms serving +50 million users per month.
  • Highly trained AI engine to deliver the most relevant user experience.
  • Proven experience of scaling for peak traffic spikes in Media, Sports live streaming, eCommerce, Reality events, etc.
  • Auto ranking search results without manual intervention.
  • Promote Sponsored content through search suggestions.
  • Push newly released, lesser watched content through search.
  • Dedicated 24/7 managed services for uptime and high-grade SLA.

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